Tandem skydiving gift cards are a unique way to show a loved one how you feel. Stop with the lifeless gifts and send them skydiving in Montreal for their next special occasion !

Tandem skydiving begins with twenty to thirty minutes of training to guarantee that each person skydiving is fully taught the proper mechanics of skydiving near Montreal. Once the training class is ended, each jumper will strap on their harness and get ready to get on the aircraft. The aircraft will be at full altitude, up to 14,000 feet, within a couple minutes. If your blood is not already rushing through your body, just wait for the door to swing open to expose Montreal, Québec, miles below.

Within moments of exiting the aircraft with your professional tandem master, you will be falling at nearly a hundred and twenty miles per hour! The freefall during a tandem skydive in Montreal lasts about 1 minute and is followed by a 4-7 minute canopy ride all the way back to the dropzone. Your landing will be as smooth as possible and you can finally claim that you jumped out of a perfectly good plane! If you or a loved one is interested in sky diving in Montreal, pick up the phone and give Skydiving Montreal a call now at 1-850-361-3959 and one of our experts will gladly help you with scheduling a skydiving gift voucher in Montreal, Québec!

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